Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22

We had to have an early start today since our appointment at the City of David was for 8:30 AM

After seeing the Stepped Stone Structure we headed to Hezekiah's Tunnel.  I think we have to start handing out hard hats for tall people.  Michigan at 6'1" was having a hard time with his head.

Only 6 of us went thru the tunnel.  The rest of the crew went thru the dry tunnel and had a long walk to meet up with us.

Our next stop was the Davidson Center where we had the opportunity to walk on the steps and the street that Jesus walked on.  The steps are called the "Teaching Steps" since this is where the Rabbis would sit with their followers and teach.  We can be sure that Jesus was one of them.

Amber found a nice shady spot to sit and look over the city.

We visited the shops where the money changers were and happened to find one of them along the way

We also ran into one of the shop keepers that told us she would give us a "really good deal"

We returned to the hotel for lunch and then finished up the afternoon at the Israeli Museum and the Model City

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