Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14th

We picked up the group at the airport by 11:30 and they were standing there waiting for us.  We gave them 45 mins from the time of landing to picking them up but they came in 30 mins ahead of time.  We have never gotten out of the airport that fast - they set a record!  We then headed for Joppa to see the sea port and also the house of Simon the Tanner which is the "traditional" site of when Peter had his vision of the unclean animals.

We then went to Caesarea Maritime to see the ruins of the harbor that Harod the Great built.  This is also the town where the death of Harod Agrippa died on the stage of the ampitheater that is recorded in Acts 12:21.  Amber got her chance to "play" Caesarea Maritime.

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