Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 18

This morning we started off at Yardenit  Baptismal site with 5 people getting baptized or doing a reaffirmation of their Baptism.

Then onto Bet She'an and some of the best Roman ruins I have seen.  It always amazes me at the additional stuff they have uncovered and, also, how they are trying to make the sites more handicapped friendly.

Our next stop was at the new Baptismal site which is considered more authentic as to the place that John the Baptist preached and baptized Jesus.

Our final stop of the day was the Valley of the Shadow in Wadi Qelt where we had a reading of the 23rd Psalm.  This overlooks the St George Monestery

As we arrived in Jerusalem we stopped at the promenade for the Order of Melchizedek which represents the welcoming he gave to Abraham in Genesis 14

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